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Police Have Almost Lost All Control in South Minneapolis After the George Floyd Murder

Racism is an issue which truly has pegged us back in this era of modifying culture. A simple demonic practice has long been looked upon as the biggest social taboo in humanity. It has taken an escalated shape in recent times with widespread reports and claims from all countries. Things then boiled up to a heightened degree after the George Floyd murder. This gruesome act of violence has drawn anger and resentment from all corners of the world. Here are some information on what events took place and their after effects.

What incident took place?

In Minneapolis Minnesota, George Floyd was arrested by the police officials. Derek Chauvin, 44 the presiding officer was charged with the arrest. But after arresting Floyd, Chauvin pressed his knee against his knee for eight straight minutes. In the video recorded George was seen pleading for help. He said that he could not breathe under the intense pressure applied by the knee. Ultimately he gave in and succumbed to the injuries inflicted upon him. After that there were widespread protests for his death. People demanded Chauvin got arrested along with his other officials. He did get charged with murder which is a non bail able offence. Other officers present with him were not pressed with any charges.

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“There’s a long night ahead of us” warns NYC Mayor

Since the incident took place, tensions had heightened to an extreme degree. Protests had gathered near the police stations in New York. They started pelting stones, vandalizing the stations and mob control was futile. Mayor of NYC said that there was a long night ahead of them. Their only concern was to look after the safety and security of the people. Thus they would look into the matter and ensure that no harm is caused to the protestors and they reach home safely. Minneapolis police and NYPD said that the situation had soon gone out of control. They sought help from the military to control this volatile situation.

Police and Protestors clash in Dallas

In Dallas Texas there was a fierce physical confrontations between the police officials and the protestors. Police could not control the ongoing wave of protests in the country. Dallas officials became helpless and started using water cannons and pellet guns to ward off the hooligans. Fire broke out in major parts of the city.