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Pokemon Sword and Sheild : Humorous Truth About the Gigantamax Garbodor Is out

Pokémon has perhaps been the post popular thing among people in the 1990’s. Several episodic TV shows concerning the same have been telecasted on the internet. Pokémon Go was the game which was made as a spin off to the entire plot of this story. Next in line was the sequel to this game Pokémon Sword and Shield. It has been developed by the gamers incorporating great detail.

However the people who have played that game have cropped up a disturbing new detail. This has set the entire franchise on a tailspin with devastating impacts in the minds of the players who played the game.

Updates about Gigantamax Garbodor

Pokémon Sword and Shield has been doing the rounds in the news. The game has developed great details and a free flowing gameplay. Wild Arena and Raids are the two most popular features added to the game. Another feature though has made the most of the headlines. That is Gigantamax, a mode in which the pokemons enlarge their size and take the firm of gigantic monsters.

We could also get the idea that Garbodor, was a monster who consumed on human garbages. It consumed the garbage and grew in size just to become the most difficult monster in the universe to negotiate with. However the entire concept behind Garbodor was very strange and unique as well.

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Disturbing Detail about Garbodor

Gamers though have noticed a very disturbing Detail about the garbage monster. During the gameplay the Gigantamax feature was used to enlarge Garbodor. In an enlarged form it was seen that a variety of waste was coming out of the monster’s body. In the midst of this, we could see the tail of Magikarp.

In the other edition we saw how Garbodor feasted on Magikarp’s dead body. From this information it is clear that Magikarp faced the terrible fate. We can also see that the tail is attached to a body, without any flesh on it and only bones. This was a very disturbing thing to watch for the gamers who played the game.

Reaction After Seeing Magikarp’s Tail

Fans went beserk after they saw this scene. They posted the image on Reddit, accquring variety of comments and reposting from the concerned people. Franchise must now take a firm decision on whether Garbodor will still be shown as this garbage sucking monster.