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Pm Modi Order To Lockdown India For 21 Days

PM Modi yet again addressed the Nation just like last week where he asked people to practice social distancing for the COVID-19 pandemic to end soon and everything to return to normal.

Prime Minister addressed the nation on Tuesday on Man Ki Baat again and imposed total lockdown in the entire country of India for 21 days. He said that this the only way we can fight this is by staying in quarantine and practicing social distancing.

In his previous speech he had similarly imposed his concerns and asked people to do the same. He even imposed Janta Curfew on Sunday, 22nd of March. Since that received a great response from people, the prime minister was very impressed and happy.

During his last weeks speed, the PM said that the world has come across many happenings and crisis but the situation that corona virus has created is something extremely challenging and was very unexpected. He further added that india will do everything possible to bring this to an end and he even said that “Stay at home and do not step out until it is absolutely essential. I specially urge the elderly to not venture out of their homes.”

As of today, the country has reported to a high number of 490 cases due to the COVID-19 virus. While the worldwide count of infected is an alarming 378,679 people with a total of 16,507 deaths.

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As the lockdown has been imposed, if people follow it religiously the number of cases could be drastically improved and everything could go back to normal very soon.