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Plunderer E24: Release Date and Major Updates All We Know So Far

There is a thing about fantasy anime. Even if the plot is distorted with the depiction of gruesome violence, you tend to remain hooked with it. Take the case of the plunderer in this instance. It’s riddled plot and controversial themes on class slavery have been the subject of mixed reviews. The primary characters to have been shown in a negative light. But still, that has not deterred the interest on this seemingly science fiction fantasy action drama one bit. Here are some details about the finale of season 1 of the series.

Plunderer Episode 24: Plot

Plunderer is basically set in a dystopian world. In this world, power is segregated among several human beings. The basis for distribution of power is the number that is assigned to each individual after their birth. It is in such a setting that the story starts. Titular character Hina is assigned a number on the basis of the number of miles she has walked in her lifetime. She grows up in a secluded environment away from the hustle and bustle of this chaotic life. But destiny knocks on her door one day. Her mother is kidnapped and is trapped in an Abyss. This is done to all the people born with the number assigned zero. But before being dragged into the abyss, Hina’s mother gives her a vital piece of information. She tells her that her destiny is to find the legendary Ace. Then Hina starts her journey and faces several difficult hurdles in her life. She then crosses path with Licht, the other protagonist of the story. A knight in shining armor, he is actually the Ace that Hina is destined to find. But that is revealed at the very end of the first season.

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Plunderer Episode 24: Release Date

The finale of the first season of the show will premiere on June 24th, 2020. It will be available according to the schedule devised by the local time authorities.

Plunderer Episode 24: Where can you watch it?

Initially, the first few episodes of the show were available on YouTube and Funimation. The final episode of the series will be available on the streaming channel Funimation. Get your seat belts tightened as it will definitely be a thrilling and bumpy ride as well.

This assassin styled teenage drama has all ingredients to become a global success. Expect a lot more thrills and spills in this edition of the show.