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Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Johnny Depp Return to Disney Here Is the Details About Release Date and Plot Trailer

Pirates of the Caribbean, has undoubtedly been one of the most popular franchise in Hollywood ever. Scores of admirers and movie fans have thronged cinema halls to see this voyage epic. With some classic revenge storyline, amazing cinematography and incredible performances, it has really blossomed.

Last movie of the franchise released in 2017. Salazar’s Revenge earned critical acclaim and was also a huge commercial success. Since then fans have been waiting for any news regarding the arrival of the sixth installment.

Will Johnny Depp Be Returning for the Disney Movie?

Charismatic Johnny Depp, starred as Captain Jack Sparrow. It instantly became one of the most iconic characters in cinematic history. A pirates movie could not be imagined without Depp’s presence. However he has been embroiled in a massive legal marriage controversy with wife Amber Heard. She sued him after filing a divorce. However John has proved himself innocent in the court of law.

Thus news spread that Depp would not be returning for the movie and Zac Effron would be casted in his place. Fans however have resented the change asking to keep Johnny Depp as the pirate. Production Team are still awaiting final confirmation from Depp, after which they will take the required decision.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Plot Details

These high profile movies never really disclose their plot completely. That would lead to a fizzing out of interest among the fans. No information is currently available about what the story of this movie will be. It is predicted that Captain Sparrow would embark on a new voyage and encounter some old rivals as well. Bootstrap Bill Turner will have a large part to play in this movie along with his son William Turner.

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Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Cast

Casting members for the movie will remain the same. This will be done in alignment with the continuation of the storyline. Story will pick up from the point where it was left off. There is still doubt about who will play Captain Jack Sparrow. Orlando Bloom will appear as William Turner and Keira Knightley will play the role of his wife and love interest. Some new fresh faces may also been seen in the franchise.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Release Date

Shooting for the movie is still going on in a continuous basis. Production activities are still not completed. Thus there is no proper news about when the movie will release. Inevitable delay will also be there due to the impending effects of Novel Coronavirus. Conjectures also surround the fact whether Johnny Depp will return to play the role or not.

Will Black Pearl Return?

There is a very least chance of that happening. It will all depend on whether Captain Sparrow boards his old ship and blasts through the screen or a different storyline is adopted. However fans would be really excited to see their favorite ship make a comeback.