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Pirate of the Caribbean 6: Release Date, Cast ,Storyline and What Will Be Happen to Next ?

Pirates of the Caribbean is a film series produces by Disney. This film series is a fan favorite as the whole series of films has earned around $5 billion US Dollars on Box Office Worldwide. This shows how much the movies are enjoyed by the audience around the globe. The last movie from the series, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Men Tell No Tales’ was released back in 2017.

Fans have been anticipating about when will Disney announces some information whether the film series is getting a sixth film or not. Well, Disney confirmed that a sixth film is in the making process. Here are some updates and details regarding the sixth installment in the series.

When Will Sixth Film Release?

According to some insiders, Disney are said to be in the very early stage of making of Sixth installment of the film series. They have appointed new writers to the team, Terry Rosio and Jeff Nathanson. They will be in charge of script for the sixth part.

Since the movie is in early stages of writing and production and due to the pandemic crisis halting the process, we can expect to hear some news about the release date somewhere around 2021.

Pirate of the Caribbean 6: Cast

The new writers team are not keen of keep in Johnny Deep in this installment, reason been unknown. But Orlando Bloom as Will Turner and Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann will surely come back.

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There are also reports doing rounds that new characters would be added, which will require some new cast members. No reports about who will join the cast.

Pirate of the Caribbean 6: Plot and Storyline

At the end of the last film, Will saw a nightmare that Davy Jones came back. Well, his nightmare will turn out to be true as Davy Jones comes back for his revenge. Also new characters will be coming for the sixth run. And a female Jack Sparrow to come on board? Well for that, we will have to wait for the release of the film.