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Pinocchio Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and What Will Be the Story ?

It has been going on that many studios are trying to remake some classics. However, its Disney who has taken this goal two steps ahead. They have already remade Aladdin, The Lion King and Beauty & the Beast. Besides this, they are also making some more remakes of our favorite stories. For instance, Pinocchio is one these remakes.

We all know the beautiful story of a puppet. A puppet who was brought to life and given an opportunity to be one with the humans. To feel happiness, pain, sadness, excitement and every emotion that a human is able to feel. However, the film has suffered many delays.

Release Date for Pinocchio

Back in 2008, there were many reports which stated that the scripts for the movie have been made. These scripts were said to have been written by Guillermo del Toro. Besides this, back then, it was also rumoured that Mark Gustafson would work with Guillermo. He was said to be a part of the production.

The latest news came in January. It was pretty exciting to know that the production for our little Pinocchio has begun. However, that had to stopped pretty quick due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The movie was supposed to release in 2021. However, it is possible that it will be delayed till 2022 or late 2021.

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Is There a Trailer?

There is no trailer as of yet. Fans might have to wait for some time before they get it.

Cast for the Movie

The voice actors for the movie have been announced. For instance, Ewan McGregor will be the voice of Pinocchio. David Bradley will voice Mister Geppetto. Ron Perlman and Tilda Swinton will voice Mangiafuoco and The Blue Fairy. There could be some changes but we don’t yet.

Story Details

Guillermo del Toro has clearly stated that this movie will be different from the original. It will be more darker. Besides this, he said that it is not a family friendly movie. This one will have some dark turns. When the fans think of the movie, they are reminded about the struggles of a puppet brough to life. This time it will be a bit different and the main reason for it is that it is set during the 1930s. This clearly puts a twist on the original animated movie.

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