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Philippiness President Warns People Violating Coronavirus Lockdown Will Be Shot Dead

The whole world is caught in the trap of Corona Virus.This had infected almost 205 countries affecting approximately 1,603,896 people from across the world with a death of 95,731 of them.Thus by the given data, we can imagine how dangerous this is and how much loss can occur to the economy at a global level.

.Although, almost 358,201 of them had been recovered but the ratio of people getting caught by the virus is more than those getting recovered.Thus, it’s a matter of serious concern for all the human beings across the globe and thus many many precautionary measures have been taken to prevent this pandemic from spreading as much as possible.

Lockdown in Various Locations

The government of various places including America, India, Australia, Philippine have declared complete lockdown for the people.The citizens are advised to maintain complete lockdown in order to minimize  social gatherings and start practicing social distancing.Various non-essential places have been closed and only marts with essential commodities will work.This decision had been taken for the betterment of the citizens.

They will be in a state of complete isolation from the outer world and thus will only be allowed if an emergency arises.This had been done to curb the spread as much as possible.It refers that a person will stay in the same place as he/she was before the lockdown and is not allowed to move to any other building or a public place.

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But, majority of the population were observed as in not taking this lockdown seriously.The government had imposed a strict action against those who considers this lockdown a joke.For example, the government of Philippine  had decoded to shot the once who are going against this practice.

A serious consequence-

The government of Philippine had decided to directly shoot the ones who consider themselves above the rules and regulations.The lockdown will extend for a period of one month in Philippine.The president of Philippine Rodrigo Duterate had ordered the police to shoot them who goes against the laws and those who cause trouble to the workers.This had been done to lower the rate of people getting infected by corona virus which had reached almost 2,311, with a death of almost 96 of them.