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Peter Rabbit 2 Cast and Release Date Is Coming or Not

Sony Pictures has been the storehouse of big movies recently. Starting from multi starter bug budget ones to critically acclaimed ones, it has produced a variety of them. With advancements in technology, animated movies have become the new rage. We are all familiar with the kind of fame movies like Ratatouille, Cars and Alvin and the Chipmunks has generated. Next in line would be Peter Rabbit 2. The sequel to the first movie will be released by the Sony Production House. The first one was rather a successful one which established a storyline. Moreover, it laid the perfect platform for a second movie of the franchise. Some important details regarding the sequel are given below.

Peter Rabbit 2: Plot

Peter Rabbit tells the story of a rabbit who is mischievous by nature. He finds great joy by involving in notorious activities. Peter is constantly surrounded by his loved ones. They too are a tad irritated at Peter’s constant indulgence to mischief. In the second part titled runaway, we will be introduced to Peter’s parents. They have spent all their money and energy while trying to get in touch with their son. However, Peter is always on the run trying to find a new adventure for himself. In this movie, we will get to see who he prioritizes. Whether it is his loved ones or it is his inner desire to find frolic in everything that he does.

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Peter Rabbit 2: Release Date

The scheduled date of release for the movie is slated for January 15, 2021. That is a long way from now so there is no news of an immediate trailer launch. With the Pandemic still raging at full effect, there are high chances of inevitable delay. Thus no surety can be provided in regard to the release date. We can only comprehend that as we move along, based on the information by the production team.

Peter Rabbit 2: Cast Details

The titular character of Peter will be voiced by James Corden. James is the host of the popular late-night TV show Late Night with James Corden. Along with him, other actors would also lend their voices to the characters. They include Domhnall Gleeson, Elizabeth Debicki and Margot Robbie.