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Percy Jackson Is Back the Lightning Thief Fans Are Excited

Yes my lovely fans, you heard it right. Here’s a quick update for you guys, the hit Percy Jackson is coming to Disney+. So, tighten your seat belts because we have got some great news for Percy Jackson fans as a new series based on the book is going to release on Disney+. It was an official announcement by the author of the book Rick Riordan on his social media account.

There’s already been a lot of talks about the Percy Jackson and the Disney+ including all the meetings. We already had 2 movies by the 20th Century Fox. But they never went on to finish the 5 book series. It’s still in the air and the stages that they might complete to make movies on the left parts of the book and finish the series. It looks that each season might look into each book. The 1st part of the series was released back in 2010 while another one came after a huge year gap of almost 3 years in 2013.

It makes all the sense, you know, having a teenage movie full of demi-Gods, fantasies, and definitely it fits right for the Disney+. We will we foolish to think that it is not going to be a massive hit. As we all know how much Disney loves creating new things and it also knows to hold back with certain things. This is surely crazy and the fans are going mad about it. There’s a huge chance of Percy Jackson making immense numbers on the screen if they get it done right. The first two movies of this book series were made on a huge scale with an enormous budget and both of them came out to be blockbusters and did wonders on the box office.

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Hopefully, we will find more about it soon with many more details such as when it is going to being the production, when’s it will arrive on Disney+. Until then you keep your expectations up and wait for something massive to hit on the screen which is surely going to blow our minds. For more details stay hooked and keep reading my lovely fans.