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People Gathering at Lake of Ozarks and Breaking the Guideline of Lockdown

In this COVID-19 pandemic, people have gathered at the Lake of Ozarks this weekend. Also, the people at the lake are not following any guidelines or rules of social distancing. This may lead to an increase in the number of COVID positive cases in Missouri. People were very close to each other and enjoying the weekend at Redhead Lakeside Grill and Yacht Club in Osage Beach at the Lake of Ozarks. However, the government gave guidelines that people should maintain a distance of six feet between every two persons. But, the people did not follow them and gathered together at the lake. Also, people were not carrying masks.

COVID active cases and deaths in Missouri :

According to Missouri Department of Health, total 11,752 people are affected by a coronavirus, out of which 676 people died. The number may multiplicatively increase if the people did not follow the rule of social distancing. Further, 200 new cases increased in Missouri. The governor of Missouri, named, Mike Parson, provided guidelines and rules of social distancing before reopening the state. Also, the governor has put on the poster of social distancing everywhere in the state. But, people are not following them. As a result, the number of active corona cases may increase due to the carelessness of people.

How did Mike Parson, the governor of Missouri warn people?

The governor of Missouri warned people to maintain social distance. Further, he said, more than 10 people should not come together or work together. Again, between every two persons, the distance of 6 feet is mandatory. He also warned people not to go to restaurants and create a crowd. Mike Parson also banned nonessential businesses. Again, the essential businesses should not include more than 10 manpower. This Friday, he addressed people to not leave their homes. Not maintaining social distancing will lead to the increasing spread of the virus. Many people lost their lives due to the novel 2019 virus.

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Update of last week COVID cases in Missouri:

In the last week, the number of cases increased in Missouri. The number of cases increased by 218 and the number of death increased by 10. The rate of increasing positive cases in Missouri is 6.74 percent.

If the people in Missouri did not follow the guidelines, COVID cases may increase in a large numbers. The situation may go out of control. People should not go out of their homes unnecessarily. But, it is essential, people should use a mask and keep a distance of six feet between each other. Following these rules may decrease the risk of developing new COVID cases.