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Pennyworth Season 2 Cast, Plot and Release Date

Pennyworth is a DC Comics, crime drama television series created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. The show first aired on July 28, 2019; premiered on Epix networks and has a quite decent rating as well. Produced by Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon the 1st season was a hit among the fans as well as the critics. The confirmation for another season had come on October 27, 2019, and since then fans are waiting for any further details. Let’s get into it.

Expected Release Date of Pennyworth Season 2

Renewed in October 2019 the second installment of the tv series was scheduled for a filming date in January 2020. The second season will also feature 10 episodes just like the first season and if reports are to be believed then the filming was to end around the mid of this year and we could have got the second season at the end of this year.

But things might have got affected due to the pandemic which seems reasonable as there has been no official announcement yet.

Season 2 Trailer of Pennyworth

It would be foolish for us to expect a trailer this soon. There might be an announcement at the end of 2020 once things gets back to normal.

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Plot of Pennyworth

The story is about the early life of Alfred Pennyworth before he becomes Batman’s butler. In season 1 we saw that he is mostly focused on fighting with the Raven Society. Season 2 will be no different, it’s going to turn out dangerous for him. Mysteries are going to uncover in the second season one, like what happened to Martha and the satanist leader.

We are again going to explore the relationship between Thomas Wayne and Marta Kane which began in Season 1. There might be some consequences of the relationship of Alfred with the Queen. All those tidbits which are not concluded in Season 1 are most likely to follow up in the second season taking the story forward.

The Cast

The main cast will mostly remain the same for the second season as well. Here is the list:

  • Jack Bannon (Alfred Pennyworth)
  • Ben Aldridge (Thomas Wayne)
  • Hainsley Lloyd Bennett (Deon “Bazza” Bashford)
  • Ryan Fletcher (Wallace “Dave Boy” McDougal)
  • Dorothy Atkinson (Mary Pennyworth)
  • Ian Puleston-Davies (Arthur Pennyworth)
  • Paloma Faith (Bet Sykes)
  • Jason Flemyng (Lord James Harwood)
  • Emma Paetz  (Martha Kane)