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Peaky Blinders Season 6: What Will Be the Role of Tommy Shelby’s and Storyline Details

‘Peaky Blinders’ a crime drama based on the real story of the urban street gang of 19th Century England was first premiered in 12th September 2013 in BBC one. Till now it is being rated as one the best crime drama series in the world and so far the franchise has aired five seasons and the sixth one is on its way. However, it seems like the sixth season is going to come up with lot of excitement and interesting twist as the fifth season ended with a huge suspense.

What will be the plot and cast for Peaky Blinders season 6?

Though the casting is still not yet finalized but after watching fifth season one thing is sure that Oswald Mosley (Sam Claffin) will be there for the next season with such unexpected ending another sure return would be of  the protagonist Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) as they have to start from where they left in the previous season so yes Tommy Shelby will be there for the next season apart from that we saw in season five how Tommy throughout the episodes  hallucinated his wife Grace Shalby (Annabelle Wallis) so there is a high chance that she will also return in season 6.

Along with this few new changes will also take place in the new season for example: series might go into a set revamp as Anthony Byrne had already revealed a revamped image of the Garrison Pub in Instagram.

Is Micheal Gray going to take over Tommy Shalby’s Role?

As ‘Peaky Blinders’ ended its season five with a suspense and season 6 shooting is being hold due to Corona Virus, fans are becoming curios with the fate of Tommy Shalby (Cillian Murphy)  in the series as season five ended with a kind of disturbing note when it showed Tommy Shalby (Cillian Murphy) holding a gun to his head and hallucinating his wife and he screamed and then the screen blacked out and this ending had put the fans into very uneasy place and raised a lot of question related to the death of Tommy Shalby (Cillian Murphy) and the role of Micheal Gray (Finn Cole).

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As Micheal Gray (Finn Cole) and his wife were banished there is a high chance that Micheal might return back in season 6 and take over Tommy’s place but for that fans have to wait for some time as the new season might appear in 2021.

However fans can relieve themselves by knowing the fact that Tommy Shalby (Cillian Murphy) will return in the next season as Steven knight has kind of  confirmed that Shalby will return in the next season  as he had already mentioned how the series is going to end so fans can now relax and chill for some time till the new season arrives however as it is a crime drama so anything can happen in the story or plot so they shouldn’t keep their hopes high as the next season might come with lot of plot twist and suspense.