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Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj Volume 6 to Be Delay Says Netflix

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj is an American Comedy Web talk show whose host is obviously Hasan Minhaj. The show was released on October 28,2018 on Netflix. The director of this show is Prashanth Venkataramunjam. The origin of this show is done in United states with its official language English. It has produced 5 seasons or 32 episodes. The show is split into volumes.

Therefore, volume 1 was released on October 28,2018 having 7 episodes. Consisting of 6 episodes, volume 2 was aired on February 10,2011. First aired on May 12, 2019 volume 3 had 6 episodes. On August 4, 2019 volume 4 was launched which had 6 episodes. And on November 29,2020 volume 5 was aired which had 7 episodes in it. Art and Industry; Margolis Superstore, Minhaj inc. is the production company of this show.

Volume 6 of Show Has Been Postponed

It was planned by Netflix that volume 6 of this show would be released on March 29,2020. But now, it has been delayed and will get a new date to be released. This delay has been put due to the disease coronavirus.
The audience is feeling really sad about the postponing of this show where Hasan Minhaj talks about politics as well as comedy. It’s a fun show and is one of the most watched shows too. A new date would be given to launch volume 6 of this show.

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Recently, Hasan Minhaj dropped a video and tweeted where he tells his fans that Netflix won’t be releasing Volume 6 as decided on the previous date. And he tells that there would be a new date for the fans and Volume 6 would be released then. This is the first show which has been postponed due to the virus. His fans were really sad and they commented on Hasan’s post to keep updating them every time. Few people were shocked too as they were eagerly waiting for the upcoming volume.

Here’s the video posted by Hasan Minhaj

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An update for all the @patriotact fans.

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