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Patrick Dempsey Will Be Coming in Grey Anatomy Season 17 All We Know So Far

Grey’s Anatomy has grown to be a phenomenon of a show in the last 16 years. Inarguably one of the longest-running episodic TV shows ever, it has captured the attention of the fans like no other. Although there have been quite a lot of negative reviews over the years, it has countered it to perfection with some epic finales. However, this might be the last time that we see Grey’s Anatomy on the TV with this being rumored as the series finale. Let’s find out how much information we have been able to gather about the finale season of the show.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17: Ellen Pompeo’s Last Appearance

It has been rumored for weeks whether the lead character, Grey played by Ellen Pompeo would be continuing with the role. The directors have stated that this will be their last endeavor, as they are wrapping up with the proceedings of the show. They said that the script was written with Ellen’s character as the cynosure. With her not being a part of the show anymore, and more of the themes like political tensions and patriarchy already covered, no new content is available at this point of time. Ellen too has said that it was a privilege for her to be a part of such a successful show. But now with three kids, she has got more responsibility to shoulder. She wants to spend time with her kids and watch them grow up. Thus she has taken this conscious decision to not be a part of such a demanding s schedule of shows from now on.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 17: Release Date

All the previous seasons of the show have released in the month of September. Thus it was expected that the finale would be releasing at this particular time as well. But due to the Coronavirus issue, all the scheduled dates have been postponed and all activities are at a complete halt. Thus, it is expected to release in 2021. The exact timeline and date of release are still unknown at this point in time. Any updates regarding this would be posted on our website.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17: Patrick Dempsey Would Be Returning to the Cast

It is now confirmed that Patrick Dempsey, the controversial lead opposite Grey would be returning. It was due to her differences with Grey, that Ellen said that for a decade the working environment was toxic. The directors have taken a big step in calling forth the actor back. If it’s a gamble or not can only be known when the show would be out.