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Patrick Dempsey Look Younger After Getting Dying

This Quarantine has made people innovative. Since they have been restricted to their homes, they have a lot of time to contemplate. Stars have actually found different ways to keep themselves entertained. While some have nurtured their cooking skills others have taken a hand at painting. This has brought out many more hidden skills that would not have showcased unless for the quarantine. Some of the stars have however undergone transformation in a huge scale. One of them would surely be Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey.

What Transformation Had Patrick Dempsey Undergone?

Patrick Dempsey is 54 years old now. Although he is as young and beautiful as a mane, he has sported that silver hair look earlier. However this quarantine has made that look of his disappear. He though has been helped by his wife Jillian Dempsey. Jillian is one of the top hair and beauty stylists in Hollywood. The couple posted a 9 second time lapse video on the Internet. Jillian is seen using BB Color stick to remove all grey hairs on Patrick’s head. She had dyed his entire hair with a prominent brown color. After the transformation, Patrick went back to his old curly self which has moved fans for well over a decade.

How Was the Dying Done?

Jillian claimed to use a BB color stick during the process. She said that removing the grey hairs from Patrick’s head was quite easy and convenient. She was seen using the color from the root to the topmost part of the hair. After the dying process, Patrick head was filled with naturally brown thick hair. Patrick had actually sported that silver fox look of his in TV series Devils. But fans could moreover relate to that old brown curly haired look of his. From 2006 to 2015, his time in Grey’s Anatomy he had never changed his physical appearance for once.

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Can the Silver Hair Look Return in Future?

What Jillian had done is dye Patrick’s hair with a brown color stick. With the use of a good shampoo the color can be removed in an instant. Thus if in future Patrick does want to sport that silver hair look, it won’t be much difficult a process for him.