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Ozarks Season 3: One of the Best Series on Netflix Reveals It’s Amazing Ending, Breaking Bad Vibe Disappears

Netflix’s Original Show, Ozark recently finished airing it’s third season. The crime – drama series released season 3 with total of 10 episodes on March 27, 2020 on Netflix. This season particularly was such a attention garnering season of the whole show that it got highest rating on Netflix for views.

Fans are already anticipating for another season release. But one thing that they couldn’t understand what happened in the ending if the third season. And what to expect for the next run of the show. We have got you covered about every piece of information on the finale ending and next season. Read to know more.

What Happened in Third Season of Ozarks

The whole season started out and mainly showcased the arguments and fall out between siblings Wendy and Ben. There were two assassinations that happened in the whole season. Wendy’s brother, Ben is introduced to the audience as suffering from bipolar syndrome. He is taking medication for his syndrome to ease his pain, but the side effect of the medication was affecting his sexual performance.

Then he fell in love with Ruth Langamore. For the betterment of the romance brewing between them, he took off from his medication. He becomes unstable and out of control for his sister Wendy, as he gets to know that she’s been doing money laundering for a drug cartel.

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Initially, she wanted to help her brother but his behaviour led her to take the hard choice.

Finale Ending of Season 3 Explained

After making the hard choice of executing her brother, everything comes to track in Wendy’s life. Navarro invites Helen, Wendy and Marty to his son’s second baptism. In the season, we see Helen making lots of trouble for drug cartel and Ben’s investigation. After Wendy proves her loyalty towards Navarro by sacrificing her brother over business and sending the FBI by accusing a rival cartel, he now trusts the couple. This also lead Navarro to cut ties with his long term associate, Helen by shooting her from a henchman.

What to Expect From Next Season

We will definitely see a face – off between Ruth Langamore and the Brydes as she takes her revenge on them. After gaining his trust and showing their loyalty towards him, maybe we will see Navarro and Brydes planning and doing some other activities together, more crimes and murders to happen.