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Ozark Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and What Will Be the Story ?

Ozark is a Netflix series which has become very popular among the audience. Recently, during the quarantine, this show saw a huge increase in its viewers. Now, it has gained a lot of fans. And they are asking about when Ozark season 4 will be out.

Release Date for Ozark Season 4

The showrunners are yet to officially announce whether or not the fourth season will release. Besides this, there could be many delays due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The first season released back in July 2017 while the third season release in March 2020. This makes it even harder to ascertain a supposed timeframe for the new season.

Since, Ozark has been gaining a huge fan following, it is certainly possible that they will bring a new season. It is kind of a loss if they do not pursue the drama series. It is also possible that the fourth season might have a 2021 release date. This is backed by the fact that season three’s production took around 2 years.

Trailer for Ozark season 4 is yet to release. However, when Netflix decide to make the announcement for the upcoming season, we will certainly get a trailer with it.

Cast for Ozark Season 4

The main characters for Ozark might return. However, without an official announcement, we may or may see all of them. Main characters will certainly return though. For instance, Jason Bateman will be back as Marty Byrde. Sofia Hublitz and Laura Linney will come back as Charlotte Byrde and Wendy Byrde. Skylar Gaertner will return as Jonah Byrde.

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Story for season 4

There is not much info on the story for Ozark’s fourth season. Chris Mundy did tell that the characters will have a lot of suffering. He said so because of the season three finale. Besides this, he said that Marty and Wendy will be affected the most.

Fans from around the web have been putting up different theories for Ozark’s coming season. Some suggested that Ben could still be alive. This theory is backed up by the fact that the audience did not see his body when it was said to have been burned.

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