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Ozark Season 3: Ending Explained and How Marty and Wendy Put Themselves in Worst Situation ??

Ozark an award winning Drama series launched by Netflix in 2017. Series revolves around Byrde family and how they got stuck in a money laundering circle as the season proceeds we can see how Marty and his family deals with those problems along with their family issues. So far Ozark has three seasons on Netflix.

Ozark Season 3: Ending Explained

The excitement of the fans grew when season three was released, however they became more excited after the season finale as it ended with a bang and left with a lot of untouched answers for season four.

Ozark Season 3: How Marty and Wendy Put Themselves in Worst Situation

Both Wendy and Marty neglected the power of Navarro cartel one of the rivals of Mexican cartel. As we already saw in the first season how both Wendy and Marty suffer in the hands of Mexican cartel however what they missed the fact that Navarro Cartels was as ruthless as the former Mexican Cartel and the example of their ruthlessness was shown in season three when they killed Helen the lawyer of Mexican Cartel. Though she was an evil character but still she got Byrde’s back when it comes to illegal activities as she is dead now Byrde’s have look for an alternative.

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As Ruth is dead also no one is there to take care of Casino business and that is something that will bother Byrde’s as they have to make sure that FBI are hunting Navarro’s rivals because if they fail to do so they have to face brutal consequences.

Is There a Ozark Season 4?

Well after watching the finale it is obvious that Ozark is going to come up with another season and in this season we are sure to see lot of twist and thrill as now Ruth and Helen both are dead,

Now the question will raise who is going to fill up their spaces apart from that Ozark season three’s ending has given us a hint that Byrde are going get involve in more trouble and there is high chance that in season four with Navarro cartel they will be going to face threat from Darlene Snell another violent character of Ozark series.