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Overlord season 4 : Is it going to be back or not ?

Overlord is one of isekai Japanese series which originally started as a web novel.
It is based on the light novel series
written by Kuganr Maruyama. So-bin is the illustrator of the series.

The web novel gained popularity in very short span and gained attention enough to be considered for adaption. Enterbrain acquired the adaptation and it was licensed by Kadokawa. Overlord is produced by madhouse.

It has already got 3 seasons on Netflix and covered almost 9 out of 13 volumes of the novel.


Shirt synopsis of the plot for season 4 might be the mystery confirms the wars between the Sorcerer Kingdom will just get to to be all the more quiries with Blue Rose, Prince Zanack, and Brain over the bleeding edges.

Release date

As the events going on web novel and what happened in season 3 isn’t collaborating well with each other, we night have to wait for the writer to get that straight in 14th volume of the novel . This might be the reason in delay of season 4.

The series is in chronological order while the web novel is not . This leads to the confusion of the stories hence it’s hard to say that the show will hit the screen before the 14th volume of book comes up and eventually to the delay.

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With it’s growing popularity, the fans are very much anticipated for the show. We might expect the series to be on air in late 2020 or early 2021. We can’t be sure of anything though. Also we night get to see the sneak peak teaser soon. Official announcement of the release date is still pending .