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“Overlord” Season 4 Is Happening Or Not, Here’s What We Know About The News

Season 3 of “Overlord” has just ended and it seems that the series has been loved by fans all along as the series was adapted quite well than others.

Fans of the series were quite excited with the fact that when the 4th season is going to get released and when we will be able to see more of it.


Season 4 is going to be pretty awesome than Season 3 as the storyline is now going to be more advance and it’s going to explore more of its novel part rather than the comic part.

Other than that, The 4th season is going to be released in 2020 or by early 2021. The series was loosely based upon the light novels created from the same name.


The problem currently faced by the anime is that the 14th Volume of the novel is going to arrive anytime soon which eventually will decide the future of the series.

The storyline includes the protagonist who is fighting against all the dark forces to become the conqueror of the whole thing and which without a doubt is loved by the fans for now.

The upcoming season is something the fans are waiting for a while as season 3 was not enough to meet their needs in terms of thrill, action and drama.

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But there are some things which we need to take a really good look at which are most probably the animation part as it’s just not going with the whole storyline, then we have the pace of the story which needs to be improved.

Other than that, the music track is killing and the tunes are well set to the theme makes it more lively and vivid.

So, let’s just hold our horses for now and make sure that we savour other animes for the time being but those who haven’t watched the series they should go right away and watch the other seasons as this is nothing like anything.