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Overlord Season 4 Cast, Story and Confirmed Release Date

Manga Comics has been entertaining us for decades now. Visual illustrations of gothic warriors and monsters has been a big part of our childhood. Some famous characters from the comics have also made it to the big screen. While others have attained legendary status over the years. Many among them have also been adapted as episodic TV shows with healthy fan base. Popular manga comics material include Dragon Ball Z and Attack on Titans. In this particular genre, Overlord has been a very successful part.

3 Seasons of this movie has previously streamed online. With a nuanced script and powerful performance, it has become very popular over the years. Filming for the first part started in 2105. Since then the following seasons have launched.

Overlord Season 4: Plot

Overlord has a sense of fantasy horror drama to it. Majority of elements in the movie are created in a mystic world. A world where demons and monsters rise from hell. World where angels and gods are called upon to fight these evils and save humanity. But tables turn when a common man becomes a big part of God’s process.

He is blessed with incredible power and superhuman abilities. After becoming one with God, the hero has to take responsibility. He has to fight the evil and defeat it in order to ensure that his planet is safe. But the task would not be easy. Season 4 will see the hero become an observer. Which definitely means that his powers and skills would intensify further. Exact plot details for the movie is still unknown. Script is still in development as the writers are continuously adding to their resources. Books are unable to offer much information as their adaptations are already complete. Thus the writers are looking to add new aspects into the novels to make it more interesting.

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Overlord Season 4: Cast

The series is having an ensemble cast with varied characters at disposal. Santoshi Hino will reappear as Momonga. Other primary characters are Albedo, Narberal Gamma and Demiurge. Actors like Yumi Hara, Manami Numakura and Massuki Katouy will play those characters on screen.

Overlord Season 4: Release Date

Since the storyline is still in development, no release date is possible to be finalized. It can only be decided after the post production activities are complete. They for now have come to a halt due to Covid 19. But we can expect the return of this show somewhere around mid 2021.