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Outlander Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Latest Updates

The season 5 of the romantic historical drama—The Outlander— came to conclusion this week with a rather sad ending which was heartbreaking for all the fans of the show. The members of the Frasers Ridge are in a lot of emotional pain after the recent events at the Frasers Ridge. But still in this sad time there’s a Revolutionary War coming that they must be ready to face. 

The season 6 was confirmed with the season 5 on May 9, 2018. Starz has a habit of renewing two season at a time for the Outlander. The fans are eager to know always eager to know about any details regarding the future of the show. So lets get into it.

When Is the Outlander Season 6 Due?

The release date for the 6th season is yet to be know though it is confirmed we wont see it releasing until some time next year. Maybe after the summer. The current situation has paused the production meaning the work could be delayed for sure.

Both Sam and Caitriona got to twitter that the work was already started but is halted currently. Sam even tweeted that the episode 1 of season 6 was in works. We will get more updates when there is an official update or any trusted leaks regarding the show.

What Could Be the Potential Plot for Outlander Season 6?

There has been no official releases of any teaser or trailers, so we are still in the dark. But considering the fact that season 5 was based upon the fifth book, season 6 is likely to follow from the sixth book of Diana Gabaldon. There is a was coming that will lead to great unrest. So they have to be prepared. 

There’s yet to be seen if Brianna and Roger would again try to travel through the stones again. Will Claire recover from the psychological trauma after what she had gone through? We have to wait to know. 

If you can’t wait then go, read the books, its all in there!!

Who Are the Cast for Outlander Season 6 ?

The main characters are not going anywhere from the Frasers Ridge. Claire, Jaime, Brianna, wee Jemmy, Roger, Ian, Fergus, Marseli, and Lizzie will be back. Murtagh is not going to come back now that he is dead. There might be addition of some new characters which is yet to be known. 

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