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Orphan Black Cast Revisited for Two-Episode in Virtual Reunion

There will be another series of the same name as the original Orphan Black which released in 2013. The new series is reported to be set in the same world as that of the original one. Since the show is still in its initial stage of development, there is not much known about it. We have brought you some minor details that we know until now. 

When the New Orphan Black Series Might Release?

 The development of the show is still in its premature stages. So we are completely clueless about any potential release date as of now? We will get the confirmation news regarding the series when the creator of the show will decide to announce the drop any related info. Until then we are in the complete dark.

What Might Be the Storyline of the New Orphan Black Series?

The storyline is always the most important part of the show. That is why they are kept as a secret. It is reported that the new series won’t continue from where the original Orphan Black series ended. However, that is yet to be seen. 

Who Might Be the Star Cast?

We have no idea of who the lead actors maybe, but there might be a possibility that some older cast members of the original series will return in the new one. But that’s a big maybe. Or we might see whole new faces for the series which is set in the same world as the original Orphan Black. The series is reportedly made by AMC. 

Is There a Trailer for the New Orphan Black Series Yet? 

The chance of getting a trailer now seems like a distant dream. With nothing being started or officialized there it would be foolish for us to think of that. For the fans of orphan black who are expecting anything for the new show are sure to be disappointed. This won’t be a reboot to the original one as which was made by BBC, and this time the AMC is creating it. So it seems it seems interesting to see what the writers can do with the scripts of the show. If the story continues from where it was left, some fans might be happy with the nostalgia. 

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