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One Piece Chapter 989 Spoilers and Whats Gonna Happen Ahead All We Know So Far

So here we have all the details regarding ‘One piece’ chapter 989. This chapter is going to reveal Sccabards vs Kaido Dragon. The release date for One piece chapter 989 is specified as 6th of September, 2020. In this chapter, many interesting things have taken place.

The series one piece is getting its one of the most craziest climax in this particular chapter. An all out war has been declared by Luffy to Big mom as well as Kaido. A fight has been started between Samurais and Kaido’s dragon.

This chapter is considered to be very exciting because kaido will finally reveal His true power and then Luffy would have to fight him. Now, the very big fight has begun. This chapter got delayed previously because of the the novel coronavirus pandemic all over the globe. But now the official date for this chapter is mentioned as 6th September, 2020 officially.

One Piece Chapter 989 Spoilers

Although spoilers and leaks have not been released yet. Only the information about Sanjay has released. Along with this, it has been known that Kaido’s will defeat all the Samurai because he will show his power and Luffy will fight him in second battle. We will let you know soon about the spoilers and leaks. Information would be releasing soon.

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Rumors About Chapter 989

Marcos saw a Shadow that could be guard for maybe some other pirate or marine. Also, there are chances that Orochi may still be alive because he had seven more health bars.

People are really excited for this chapter and countdowns are going on all over the world. The excitement of fans can be seen clearly. This show is absolutely amazing and has won so many hearts. This is the reason why people are so excited about this upcoming chapter. We hope you all love this chapter.