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One Man Punch 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everthing You Need To Know

One Punch Man is a Japanese super hero comic that first premiered as a web-comic in Japan in 2015. It later got dubbed into English and a new season was also in the making. The second season took time to air and premiered in 2019. the delay occurred because there was an issue among the makers and the production house and director were changed. Because of this, the show could not make a series come back with season 2. It did not live up to the fans expectations and was majorly a flop. The fans did not get disheartened as they saw the potential with the story even in season 2. Despite the bad reviews for season 2, the fans eagerly await season 3, and looks like they might not be disappointed.

Release Date

There was a huge hue and cry from the fans to bring back the season 1 director for the third season. There is no confirmation regarding who is brought in as director but the fans highly suspect that the director has been changed.

The show is expected to premiere in lat 2020 and spring of 2021 in Japan.

Expected Plot 

One Punch Man has a compact arrangement with the Manga series with the same name, illustrated by Yusuke Murata. The third season will feature Saitama to an even lesser degree if we are operating by the manga series. Saitama requires to be removed from the action to allow some back-and-forth fighting to take place. The third season of the show will witness the Heroes Association assemble against their monster counterparts and attack the villains’ headquarters.

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It is further rumoured that the season 3 of the show will also be showcasing much about the fantasy character, Garou. Excluding Saitama for a while provides more time to examine Genos, King, Fubuki, etc., all of whom are captivating and often amusing figures in their way. Audience will be presented to the idea and the origin of Saitama’s true and real strength.

Season 3 is rumoured to debut in late 2020’s.

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