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One Dead in Officer Along With Shooting in E. Gray ST. in Louisville

The investigation is going on in a shooting in LOUISVILLE in the 200 blocks of E. Gray St. near Norton Community Medical Associates Fincastle in which a police officer was involved. The incident took place when an off duty officer from another Louisville area police department tried to control a disorderly man.

The police officer from the UofL police department saw the suspect in the 200 blocks of E. Gray St. The police officer suspected something suspicious and stopped the man. Still, the man had a weapon, and then a struggle occurred between the two.

At the same time, an LMPD officer arrived at the scene according to whom the suspect reached out for the weapon that he had. Seeing this, the officer had to shoot on the suspect to save himself and the UofL officer.

The suspect was rushed to the hospital but died in the hospital due to his injuries. According to LMPD, the investigation is in its initial stage, and they are having a look at the CCTV cameras in the area.

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