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On My Block Season 3: Cast, Release date, Plot and Why Fans are Excited

You must know

It is a teenage comedy-drama created by Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft and composed by KOVAS. the production company of the drama is Crazy Cat Lady Productions and cinematography is done by Joe Kessler and Tommy Maddox-Upshaw. Distributer partner of the drama is Netflix. This is the most watch web-based drama by teenager. and that’s the only reason this series is well known for.

Cast of the season 3

Star of the series are:-Jessica Marie Garcia, Sierra Capri, Diego Tinoco, Brett Gray, Jason Genao. This time we won’t be seeing Julio Macias who was spooky in the previous season. The payment of the actors goes between near around $65000 -$81250 per episode and will get increase by season 4 basically as the growth of the series is getting high payments are getting higher.

Trailer of season 3 & Release date

Yes, official trailer of the season is released you and go and watch out on Youtube mainly trailer says that the after kidnap of he four friends they get land to unknown place and gets indulge more into gangster, gambling, terror and much more to know how they handle things and get out of it you must watch season 3. The premiere of the season 3 will be on 11th March 2020 according to rumours and the second possibility is by the spring end it will be premiered.

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In case you didn’t watch previous two seasons than let me tell you the plot of the story was on teenage life and its drama. Here the story starts with gunshots in the school and later those four kids think themselves as heroic and get into gangster and enjoy that life even it has little romance in between where on of the four friends get feelings for his on cousin sister and out of rest 3 two of them have feeling for each other and later on the have fight regarding something so they broke up at the end of season 2 we get to know girl in the gang is thinking to end all this blunder and wants to go out for the higher school meanwhile after discussion as they get little away from each other four of them gets kidnap. To know more you must watch season 1 and 2 .