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Official Announcement by Amazon Prime for Hanna Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

Amazon Prime is perhaps the ideal platform for binge watching any TV series in recent times. With a variety of shows featuring top TV stars, it is a hit attraction among the fans. Some popular shows which have grabbed the eyeballs include Jack Ryan, Killing Eve and Fleabag. Several nationally acclaimed TV series have also aired on Amazon Prime Originals. These primarily include shows like Family Man, Four More Shots Please and The Forgotten Army.

One of the prime TV series that has earned a name for itself will definitely be Hannah. This serial describing women empowerment is a huge hit among the fans of the televised structure. Season 1 laid the premise for a brilliant storyline which expanded further with more addition of characters.

Hanna Season 2: Plot

Storyline is basically set with the character of Hannah, a genetically developed female assassin. She will evade the boundaries of government and clear her name from a fraud that she was not involved in. In her quest she would find out that there are others like her too. Upon discovering that an app called Ultrax develops female genomes to make them stronger and more adadptable.

Conquests of self discovery would begin in order to find the labs where these genomes are made. When she finds these other assassins they would be asked to join her in her attempt to dominate the system. A large number of female fans across the world took fancy to this show. Season 1 ended with Hannah finding out the rest of the assassins. 2nd season would mostly feature the physical conflicts between their gang and the Villain.

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Hanna Season 2: Cast Members

Most of the cast members would remain the same from the first season. Esme Creed Miles will reprise her role as protagonist Hannah. Along with her others joining the act would be Marissa Wiegler and Dermont Mulroney. They would be playing the role of CIA operative and Ultrax chief respectively. Antagonistic character in this series would be the one that of the head of the Ultrax operations.

Hanna Season 2: Release Date

Season 2 of the show will release in June 2020. This will be intact keeping in mind that the Coronavirus impact is neglected. Due to this the directors and producers are reluctant to produce a proper release date for the same. Fans hope that the release date is sooner the better.