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Obsidian Entertainment Is Going to Launch the New Game ‘Grounded’ : Soothe Your Hunger by Looking Into the Details of This Coming up Game 

Obsidian Entertainment is an American video games developer. They are based out of Irvine, California. They are very popular after they released a series of successful games. For instance, The Outer World, Fallout: New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity, and more. The Outer World has won many awards and for some people, it is the best game they have ever played.

What is Obsidian Entertainment doing now?

They also made Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Now, the are on their way to develop another survival adventure video game. They are doing with the help of Microsoft as they work under Xbox Game Studios. Their new game is being developed for Xbox and Windows 10. Yep, it won’t be out for PlayStation.

What is the upcoming video game called?

As of right now, the game is being called ‘Grounded’. We do not really know whether the name of the game will be changed or not. It could be changed before the game is released in the coming years.

What is Grounded about?

As stated on the Xbox official website, the description of the game talks about a survival game. The world of the game is a vast, dangerous and beautiful place. It even says that you will see the world from the size of an ant. You will be able to explore, build and most importantly, survive. You can do so, in first person and with others. This would mean that the game has multiplayer. You have to survive among giant insects and survive the dangers of a backyard.

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Grounded’s Early Access

A preview for this game is currently available on different media platforms such as IGN. The developers recently announced that the early access version of the game will be out on July 28th 2020. Right now, the game is available to be wishlisted on steam. You will need Xbox insider in order to play the game in early access.

How will the gameplay be?

The graphics are basically cartoonish. The world is realistic and the environment is handcrafted. The game might also have real-life night and day cycles.

You can craft tools and also create your base. Your special abilities will be revealed as you progress through the game.