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Oasis and Blue Feud: Commencing by a Love Triangle Affecting Damon Albarn and Liam Gallagher

During the 90s, there were lots of bands coming into the light.  However, one of these was the Oasis and Blur feud. It has been coming into the limelight right now. The reason for it is that it was found that Liam had a girlfriend. On the other hand, Damon had a lover. Now, it went all wrong when Damon’s lover and Liam’s girlfriend were the same person. To sum it up, Damon slept with Liam’s girlfriend. All this conundrum lead to a falling out between the two.

What more added to this feud?

According to The Sun, all of this happened because there were drugs involved, claimed Noel Gallagher. He stated that Liam and Damon had the same lover and cocaine was also part of the mix. These were the reasons which sparked that whole thing. Oasis’s former manager actually wrote a book. The book had the name, ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’.

What was in the Book?

In the book, Alan McGee, he wrote that there was a girl involved. Damon was involved with someone who was important to Liam. Now, back then, Damon had many girls. However, he met Liam’s girlfriend and had a one-night stand with her. That caused all of this. They were too angry after that.

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There was an interview between Damon and The Guardian back in 2003. Damon was asked about what happened between him and Liam. He stated that they were pretty young back then and they were just having fun.

Why is this on the media now?

When this just started, Liam had made a vow. In that, he said that he will just ignore his own brother and his wife. This will be a part their feud and it all began right after Oasis ended up breaking apart in 2009.

Also, there was tweet by a fan and that tweet really added to the feud as well. Liam and Noel are also angry at each other ever since 2009, when Oasis and Blur broke apart. The fan wrote about Liam and told him that he will not come because he is with Damon. Until they go their separate ways, it won’t happen.

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