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NYC Shutting Down Uber and Lyft Tonight Till Tuesday Because of Curfew

The United States of America is currently going through its worst crisis since the financial depression of the 1930s. Coronavirus has gripped the country’s mainstream activities leading all of them to a grinding halt. More than 100000 Americans have lost their lives owing to Pandemic. The country is going through its worst financial crisis ever.

Experts suggest that there should be a contraction of nearly 25% in America’s GDP. Now add to it the recent violent protests that have erupted countrywide after the killing of a black man named George Floyd. He was killed by a white police officer Derek Chauvin. This has led to an all-out protest against racism and discrimination practiced in America for ages. Here are some important details about the curfew going on in the country.

Uber and Lyft suspend services during curfew

Midnight curfews have become a common sight in America for the last week or so. People have protested and burned objects and cars near the White House building. Police and Military Personnel have found it difficult to restrain them. Thus they have shifted from appeasement to using forceful methods to quell and suppress their activities. In light of the recent events Uber and Lyft have suspended their services. They have taken this decision to suspend on hire vehicle service from 8 pm Tuesday to 12:30 am Wednesday. During this period if you book an Uber or a Lyft taxi, the app would show that services are temporarily unavailable.

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What did the Uber and Lyft Professionals have to say?

Employees at Uber reported that during the time of the curfew Uber app will not function. This is in light of the Government regulation released by the authorities. Lyft app would also follow the same protocols. Via, another on hire vehicle app reported that cans would be available on an emergency basis. For that, one would have to show a letter of consent to the New York Police Department. They have requested people not to go out of their homes except for emergency services. However other forms of transportation like yellow cabs would be available for workers who work in the emergency sector. One would be judicious to avoid the metro suburbs as the chances of getting infected increases by traveling through one.

The cause behind the curfew

In some places, protests have turned violent. Police have then resorted to strict means in order to quell the protests. Police actions have led to drastic effects like death and injury. This in turn has amplified the protests even more. Things have come to such a pass that curfew has become the only feasible solution to restore sanity.