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Now Jackson Browne Tested Positive For Coronavirus

The CORONA virus is more deadly than kit sounds .it had affected the world in a very diverse way  which we haven’t thought of and the lastest updates show that JACKSON BROWNE had also tested positive for that. Let’s see,  whether it’s just a rumor or is it really true.


Jackson  is an American songwriter born in Germany. He is a specialist in guitar and piano. He is a 71 years music sensation who had received six GRAMMY awards nomination. But,  such a great personality is nothing when compared to this deadly virus.  Yes,  you heard it right!. According to him,  he was tested positive for corona. Though he says that his symptoms are mild and he doesn’t need any kind of hospitalization. According to him. his trip to NEWYORK for the LOVE ROCKS NYC benefit made him fall for the virus. He says he is utilising his time of quarantine in listening music,  reading books and watching his favourite shows.


He says that we,  the citizens are not taking this virus as serious as it is.  We are probably underestimating it’s power which we shouldn’t!. He focused on the fact that Young Minds should be more responsible towards the spread of the virus and they should realize their global responsibility. He is at present under quarantine and he wishes to get recover soon.!

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Let’s hope for the best and we wish him a sooner recovery!