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Nostradamus Coronavirus Prediction: A Plague Of Danger Doomsday Don’t Believe in Rumours

In 2008, a psychic who believed that she received premonitions published a book where she had predicted that in 2020 a very severe illness will spread across the globe which would majorly affect our lungs and there would be no treatments available. The more baffling part was that she said that the illness will vanish away as it arrived and then attack again ten years later and then absolutely disappear.

The prediction was forgotten quickly and the author too died in 2013. But the pandemic has brought in special attention to the book by Sylvia Browne and its sales are shooting up day by day.

The government is continuously warning us and giving out all kinds of guidelines to stay safe but people choose to believe the prophets are warning us that we are near to the end of this world.

Thousands of things like Browne’s prediction are going around and people are losing their heads over it and they’re more popularly referred to as doomsday warnings.

Moreover, a 1993 episode of the infamous Simpsons titles Marge in Chains dealt with a virus that apparently started out in the Far East. And then, famous French astrologer and physician who is known for his mind boggling predictions also predicted the corona virus.

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Jeane Dixon who is another American psychic who also predicted the assassination of John F Kennedy said that the world would end in 2020 after a ‘war of Armageddon’ and according to netizens Armageddon was actually coronavirus.

Some people now are stocking up on new bibles and the others on guns and ammo but we actually don’t know were these even true predictions. People need to keep themselves safe and follow guidelines given out by the government and the World Health Organization.