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‘Nostadramus’ A Viral Photo Claims Prediction Of Coronavirus Is False

The pandemic covid-19 is increasing day by day, it’s becoming worse each day. It started in Wuhan city of China and has now spread all over the world. It has now infected more than 3 lakhs people.LOCKdown has been announced by the govt in many districts to prevent this deadly virus to survive, as no cure has been developed to defeat this virus.

Scientists and doctors are trying their best to find a solution to this problem. Many countries have suffered from it, and many more are suffering.

 Is Nostradamus’ Theory About Coronavirus Prediction is true?

Social media is taking great advantage of this virus. Some are spreading rumors about the virus.

 Some times before, an image got viral on all over the internet in which it was shown that Nostradamus has already predicted about the coronavirus. He is a French astrologer and he is very famous for one of his book Les Prophéties 

The image had some text written over it which concludes that when there is a twin year like 2020, a queen will emerge (talking about coronavirus) from the east (China) and the queen will make everybody suffers from its deadly virus on a country with seven hills like Italy and turn men into dust to finish the world. It will be the end of the world.

These pictures are now on all over the internet. But now it has been confirmed that there are not any such references in Nostradamus book Les Prophéties. So the rumor is false. It is just a rumor to make the people fool to create fear in their minds. Many more theories were also evolved after the outbreak of covid-19.

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But these all pictures are just edited pictures. People should stop believing such pictures and should start believing that everything will be fine soon and we will find some path soon.

How to tackle this deadly disease?

Coronavirus is spreading because most of the people are not taking it seriously, they should stop making fun of it. They should start taking precautions for it. We can tackle this deadly situation only when we will be aware, by spreading awareness among others, by coming together.

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