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North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan While the Whole World Is Fighting Against Corona Virus Pandemic-

The World Needs Unity

In this hard time, when the whole world is fighting against the corona pandemic, which has hit almost 210 countries, North Korea had fired a missile over Japan, which reached a height of 770 kilometers.It had traveled 3,700 kilometers and then landed into Hokkaido. It splashed into the Pacific Ocean.

The missile was launched at 10 pm from Sunan district, North Korea.

According to the Japanese community, China and Russia had helped North Korea to launch this missile. China had provided essential oils and Russia with most of the forced labors.

North Korea missile launch 'a warning to South Korean warmongers ...

The Intentions Behind This Act

Basically , North Korea wanted to develop its identity as a superpower by defeating Japan and turning America down. It had failed to understand that the whole world needs unity and support to give a tough competition to this pandemic as well as the economic crises emerging. North Korea needs a nuclear weapon program to ensure survival.

It is believed that the main aim is to destroy the United States by deploying a more versatile missile. The US economy will surely be disturbed and will surely suffer. Last year, in the month of September, North Korea had played with hydrogen bombs to be further use in missiles.and not only that, this was not the first time when North Korea had launched a missile to disturb the whole world, it had launched several missiles, though shorter in size in the name of testing.

North Korea is surely on its way to make a huge. Destructive nuclear weapon, which would surely be capable enough to destroy the whole world.

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