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North Korea Celebrated Kim Sungs Birth Anniversary

All the countries around the world have been hit badly by the coronavirus pandemic and are focusing fully on how to counter the virus. But there is one country which seems to have no worries about coronavirus and claims to have no case of coronavirus til now, which is North Korea. The country on Wednesday celebrated the 108th anniversary of the birth of its founder, Kim Il Sung who is the grandfather of current leader Kim Jong Un despite the fact the world is suffering badly from coronavirus.

The anniversary is known in North Korea as “Day of the Sun,” and is a big event for the country and they celebrate it on a large scale, but the state-run media has reported that this time the day was celebrated with many restrictions, keeping in mind the coronavirus pandemic. Many residents had arrived on the Mansu hill where the giant bronze statues of Kim and his son and successor Kim Jong Il gaze are present to lay flowers at their base. Kim Il Sung is the person who established North Korea in September 1948 with the help of Russia.

The day before there were reports of North Korea firing short-range cruise missiles into the Sea of Japan to demonstrate that the country has successfully won over coronavirus and that they are working continuously to stronger their military power. Despite coronavirus yearly session of Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA) which is the parliament of North Korea, took place. The cabinet report submitted to SPA claims that not even a single case of COVID-19 has been reported in the country. North Korea had stopped the traveller from China and Russia since earlier this year due to coronavirus spread.

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North Korea is believed to be extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 diseases as it has a shortage of food and medical supplies due to the economic sanctions it has been facing for many years in order to stop it from expanding its nuclear programme which could be dangerous for the world.