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No Time To Die: An Ensemble Cast Presents the Opportunity for the Movie Becoming a Blockbuster

Daniel Craig will be back as James Bond, for one final hurrah. Thus the directors would go all guns blazing to make this movie the greatest cinematic experience among any Bond movie that has ever been.

Amazingly Cool Cars, Breathtaking Action Sequences and Mouthwatering Shooting Locations apart, this movie has a tremendous cast to support the claims made by the directors.

Ensemble Cast of No Time to Die

Daniel Craig with his charm and machismo would be starring as James Bond. Rami Malek would play the character of Safin, the main antagonist. With his wife ranging and passionate acting skills, he would surely make Safin his own.

Ana De Armas would play the character of Paloma. She would be the new Bond girl who is responsible for wooing Bond and his new love interest as well. Lashana Lynch would be starring as Naomi, the quintessential Bond Sidekick in all the movies.

Lynch is supposed to be taking the place of Craig after his withdrawal from the role and a change in storyline.

This movie would act as a perfect base to cement her legacy in the 007 Empire. Another major attraction which makes the fans even more excited is the inclusion of Christopher Waltz as Blofeld. In the last Bond movie he played the role of Bond’s Stepbrother and his major enemy.

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The two time Oscar winning Hollywood legend has his own way of owning up the screen completely. His addition will only bolster this exciting casting couch with subtle touches of brilliance in between. Who can ever forget his performance as Professor Schultz in Django Unchained?

Another major contributor to this extremely well made Bond movie would definitely be Lee Sedoux. Although she has confirmed that she would not be the regular Bond chick in this movie, her profound presence would really add weightage to the movie in general.

What Fans Expect from this Bond Movie?

Fans have mixed emotions so to say. Although they are happy that the movie is around the corner, they are also reeling with the effect of not seeing Daniel Craig anymore as James Bond.

Daniel has been the torch bearer of the franchise, easily rising through the ranks to become the most successful James Bond of all time. And that list does feature Hollywood legends like Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan.