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Nisha Guragain Video Was Fake Don’t Believe and Don’t Spread

Famous TikTok star Nisha Guragain is recently being trolled for all the wrong reasons. There has been an MMS video of her going viral on a social platform such as Whatsapp. The video was shared first with an Instagram account named Angel Nishu, who claims that the video belongs to the TikTok star. The video is the reason why many have started trolling her heavily.

The Video Is Fake

When she came to know that a video of her lookalike is going viral on social media she immediately came live on her Instagram and cleared the air about the fake video and said that it’s not her on the video.

He’s not in this video, she said, but whoever has done and tries to discredit them will take harsh action against them. They disclosed this to the police department and that is solely resisted by the cybercrime division. Nisha Guragain also urged the public not to share the MMS in order to prevent their lives from being damaged.

She also shared a clip of a cybercrime investigator who is seen requesting everybody to not promote harassment and bullying on online platforms.
The caption of the video read, “Please share this as much as possible. Guys isse share kijiye jitna ho sake! This is the time i need my fans to support me! @govindray.official”

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This video has attracted a lot of negative comments on her Instagram and other social media.  She is very depressed due to this incident.

But the video is not of her and we should not share such things on social platforms and stop forwarding it if we get them in any social media.

Who is Nisha Guragain?

Nisha Guragain is also popular on Instagram alongside being a popular Tik-Tok star. While Tik-Tok has over 27 million followers, it will also have about 2 million followers on its Instagram account.