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Newyork LGBTQ Community Is Doing Good in There Business With State Legislature

The LGBTQ community over a decade now has emerged as a strong group of individuals worldwide. With more people coming out with the fact that they belong to that group of individuals, it is being seen as a huge development in human mentality. Being an LBTQ member is no longer considered to be a taboo. It is now being considered as proper identification of a person’s name address and gender issues. Governments all over the world has done tremendous work for the progress of this community if people. However, there is a mountain if work still needed to be done in order to achieve their upliftment. Here are some of the steps which have been taken by the United States of America.

Achievements of the LGBTQ community

In the USA, especially in New York same-sex marriage was legalized about 7 years ago. It was about four years earlier to the date when the US Supreme court granted legal leverage to this law and ratified the necessary bills and amendments in this regard. Since then there has been a constant upsurge in the number of LGBTQ community members. In the USA, they have legalized the right to surrogacy. Here the couple can adopt a child through their own free will. All they have to do is pay a sum of money to the person who is willing to become the surrogate. Apart from that, they have also prohibited the practice of determining the gender of the child thereby changing its sexual orientation.

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What Did Brad Holyman Have to Say About This?

Brad Holyman is the only gay member of the US State Senate. He remarked that a huge improvement has been made for those belong to the LGBTQ community. Much work is still left to do. However, they have taken the measure to control the racist approach and unjust treatment meted out to the members of this community. They have prevented the rule of picking up these people for loitering around. Initially, these people would be confiscated by the authorities and sent to Jail for spending some time in their neighborhood if they were outside their shelters for a considerable period of time.

What Other Steps Will Be Taken?

The US State Senate if New York has said that they also reintegrating the bills. These bills state that the LGBTQ members would be granted proper identification documents. They will receive green cards and other identification proofs to show their personal details and address. In addition to that, the Senate is also working on protecting the rights of the LGBTQ individuals who are living in nursing homes.