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New Twilight Movie 2020 Midnight Sun: Is There Any Release Date

Stephanie Meyer is ready to give people more in the Twilight series. The new Twilight book is coming after around twelve years and fan couldn’t be more excited to read it. Stephanie has just announced that the book will be releasing soon. She also gave the fans, a release date. This new book is called Midnight Sun. This time, it will focus truly on Edward Cullen. The previous protagonist was Bella but this time the perspective will be different.

When Is Midnight Sun Releasing?

As Stephanie Meyer has announced, the upcoming vampire book is releasing on August 4. Fans are very much excited because the Twilight series has always been very popular. The books have sold in millions and the movies have made billions of dollars.

How Did the Announcement Happen?

During the previous week, there was this countdown. It suddenly began on Stephanie Meyer’s website and fans were really excited. Soon, it was announced on a video that the book is coming by Stephanie.

Meyer said that the coronavirus pandemic has made things bad. Besides this, she said that people have been waiting for so long. She does not want to delay it anymore and wants to release the book for the fans. She had actually stopped in 2008 for some time. This was because some chapters leaked online back then. After seeing the countdown, fans assumed that it is the countdown for Midnight Sun. Their hopes were met and they were very happy.

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Some Fans Went on Twitter and Wrote Some Emotional Thoughts.

About the Book

In this one, we get to see the stories through Edward’s perspective. It will be unique and also dark. Besides this, we will see him meeting Bella and also, so much about the additions in the storyline. Everything will be seen from Edward’s perspective. Also, we will get to know a lot more about his past. We will find out the way he thinks and how he faces his problem or how faced them in his past. He knew how dangerous it will be with Bella but he still loved her.