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New Netflix dating show “Too Hot to Handle” trailer is out

Many young people around the world are not able to meet their boyfriends and girlfriends thus making hooking up and physical intimacy impossible due to the coronavirus lockdown all over the globe. Netflix has come up with a show which has a similar concept where it brings together a group of sexy singles together but they can’t have physical intimacy a concept that can help couples to make their bond even stronger. The show is the successor to Love Is Blind and has brought up a new concept of dating. The trailer of the show was released on Netflix which has the following concept.

The show brings together hot singles who rate themselves 10 out of 10 on hotness basis, on an island paradise where they assumed they could enjoy the summer. These young people are who believe in swapping and are termed as serial swappers and having physical intimacy in a relationship. But the show gives them a twist that they could not kiss each other or have sex. And if they couldn’t resist themselves and break rules then they will lose money from their eventual $100,000 grand prize. The host of the show is an artificial intelligence device like Alexa which is named as “Lana” and it only gives the command to them.

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When will the show Too Hot to Handle release:

Too Hot To Handle will be released on Netflix on Friday, April 17 and in UK people will be able to stream the show from 8 am BST. Though it is not clear till now that the show will arrive with how many episodes and whether like all the Netflix original shows will release all episodes at once.

Too Hot to Handle cast:

We got the first glimpse of the cast of the show in the trailer released by Netflix but further details about the cast will be released by Netflix after some time. Though the trailer told us that these are the 10 single hot people around the globe. They were from the UK, America, Australia. The contestant was described as “serial swipers” who enjoy having sex and dating.