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New episodes of Itaewon Class Season 1 to Come Soon In March 2020

Itaewon Class is an upcoming K-Drama series which has internationally licensed for global distribution by Netflix. The next series is based on the popular Korean web-comic of the same title given by Gwang Jin and also written by Jin for television. Undoubtedly, Netflix has gained some famous and excellent K-Dramas in the 2019 year. Not in 2020, it is ready to shape up more excitement and promoting interest for the popular genre. One of the first titles to release on Netflix in 2020 is the highly anticipated adaptation of the web-comic, name, Itaewon Class. 

The storyline of Itaewon Class

On the first day of attending a new school, Park Sae Roy gets into trouble. He gives a punch to his classmate Jang Geun-Won who was first bullying his other classmate. Jang Geun-Won is the sone of Jang Dae Hee, who is the CEO of the restaurant business Jagga.

At the same time, Jang Dae Hee is the boss of Park Sae Roy’s father. Jang Dae Hee demands an apology from Park Sae Roy; however, Park Sae Roy refused to issue an apology to Jang Geun-Won. this makes Park Sae Roy to expelled from the school. Also, his father also gets fired from the company. After that, the father of Park Sae Roy died in an accident in which Jang Geun-Won was involved. Soon, Park Sae Roy decides to take revenge from the family of Jang Geun-Won and to lower down the Jagga Company, and he opens his restaurant in Itaewon.

What about the next episodes of Itaewon Class?

The first episode of Itaewon Class has already streamed on Netflix on January 31st, 2020. The management of Itaewon Class drama has confirmed that there will be a total of 16 episodes available to stream per week on Netflix.

The director for the series, Itaewon Class, is Director Kim-Sung-Yoon. He had already directed some famous K-Dramas like Love in the Moonlight and Discovery of Love. And now Itaewon Class will be first among various K-Drama series coming to Netflix throughout the entire year 2020. This will be an amazing drama series. Keep waiting for its outcome. Also, wait for news from our side. 

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