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New Dark Troop Arrive for Clash of Clans Player “The Headhunter”

Clash of Clans has undoubtedly become a phenomenon for mobile gamers. Its insatiable appetite for fun and mind-boggling ideas has made it one of the most talked-about Android strategy games ever. Latest updates follow up on a regular routine. The latest in line is the update on the arrival of the dark troop with the headhunter at level 12 if the game. Following are some details which will help you to get more information about these updates as and when available.

Clash of Clans Headhunter: Special Powers

Headhunter is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about characters in the Clash of Clans fandom. This female assassin has made headlines, since the first day it was available on the gameplay. A female assassin, she generally has three most potent weapon of her choices. They include walls, poison and heroes. Firstly the headhunter can use cards to attack it’s opponents with poison. This, in turn, would disable their speed and endurance and would also kill them in an instant. A very important trait this, it is very useful in active combat between the heroes and the troopers. Next, the headhunter can also easily climb walls. That helps it in breaching defences very easily. By employing a headhunter to the task, you can easily penetrate the walls of the opponent with extreme precision. Thirdly and most importantly, a headhunter always attacks the heroes. Even if you direct the headhunter towards the attacking towers, it will necessarily spend all its energy in attacking the heroes. And those who have played the game know that once the heroes have fallen and the walls are breached, your job is done.

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Clash of Clans Headhunter: Weakness in Defense

The biggest disadvantage with the headhunter is that it cannot attack its own. If the assassin ventures into the battlefield alone it’s attacking abilities, strength and endurance would decrease in a very short period of time. Thus it will not be effective on the defences. It can also be killed by the heroes very easily. Thus whenever a headhunter attacks, you should keep a troop of army soldiers along with it.

Clash of Clans Headhunter: Dark Troop Update

The newest update that has arrived is with the addition of the dark troop along with the headhunter. They comprise of mystic warriors who use special spells to stop the opponents from attacking. Thus as their endurance is reduced, defences can be destroyed and the land can be reclaimed in the name of victory.