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New Amsterdam Season 2 Finale Here Is the Details About Could Setup a Important Helen Love Triangle

Season 2 of New Amsterdam was something that made me engrossed with Dr. Helen’s life. While In the first season of the show, we saw her short lived yet quite sweet romantic life with Dr. Akash Panthaki, played by talented actor Sendhil Ramamurthy. Then coming to season 2, when nearing the end of the finale episode (SPOILER ALERT) we saw some romance brewing between Helen and new doctor introduced this season, Dr. Max.

We were almost there to witness a romantic moment being shared between the characters, but we are not that lucky. Also, we will get to see a love triangle brewing up in the next season with the entry of new character. Want to know who will be entering to spice up the love life of Dr. Helen in New Amsterdam’s third season? Read to know more.

Who Will the Love Interest of Dr. Helen?

While the show was nearing to it’s end of season 2, we were introduced to a new character, Dr. Cassian Shin, played by Daniel Dae Kim shared some amazing scenes with Dr. Helen together. Jumping to the impromptu finale, we were revealed that both of them are dating now.

More Love Connections to Happen in Season 3

While Helen and Cassian are confirmed to be dating, there’s an expected love triangle situation that will be created with Max being the third side. Fans are confused whom to ship Helen with because there’s different chemistry and equation between the two pairs that everyone loves. While there’s the almost a kiss scene between Max and Helen, there’s also the chemistry filled scenes between Shin and Helen. While we have to wait for third season to see what will actually happen, will Helen and Shin be together or Max and Helen will come up, till then we will be guessing and rooting for our fav couple.

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Also, we wish to see some cute – sweet puppy love between Dr. Vijay Kapoor and Karen Bantley.

When Will the Third Season Be Telecasted?

Well, the season 2 finale episode was cut short due to the rising pandemic crisis, so we are not sure when will we able to see third season of the show. But there’s definitely a season three in the making as the show has become one of the highest rated shows on NBC.