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New Album “The Medicine” Is Relesed by Jeremy Runner, the Endgame Star!!

When we talk about Jeremy Renner few things which come to our mind is Hawkeye his character from Avengers franchise apart from that we know him for his classy and dynamic acting in various movies like The Hurt Locker, Wind River etc. However, with his dynamicity in acting we never thought that he has a hidden talent hiding inside him. So when the world is shaking by the Pandemic of Corona virus and when the whole world is craving for a cure Jeremy had arrived with soothing, melodic song called ‘The Medicine’.

Jeremy and Music

We are so stuck with his acting skills that we never noticed the hidden treasure he has. However, to the amusement of fans this is not the first time that Jeremy is performing a song previously he was associated with North country and the assassination of Jesse James by coward Robert Ford. In recent month Jeremy was posting new music in Youtube and Instagram, but recently he decides to unleash a collection of songs for his fans who are currently in quarantine.

The whole news of the music first appears in his Instagram story where he posted his photo in front of a piano with a caption “Common ground can be hard to find in today’s world, but music has remained a constant for me. To feel deeply, to dance fervently, and live together is more present now than ever” and that’s how he promoted his son.

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The medicine album is a collection of lot of heart touching tracks with beautiful and soothing lyrics. The list of tracks is: Never Sorry, Every Woman, Best Part of Me, Ghost and Roses, December Days, and Main Attraction.

For those under this quarantine wondering where to found this song there is a news from them this collection is easily available in Spotify, so that you can chill and calm yourself in this stressful time