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Netflix’s Love Is Blind Season 2: Casting, Expectation and Are They Going to Release Season 2?

‘Love is Blind’ a reality show premiered by Netflix in their streaming platform on 13th February 2020. Since then the series had been exposed to a mixed amount of feedbacks from the audience, despite of that audience did like the series and they are eagerly waiting for season two to come.

Are They Going to Release Season 2?

Well after season one ended people where to curious to know whether this reality show is going to come up with another season or not however Netflix had recently through a tweet broke that suspense and declared that ‘Love is blind’ will be renewed for another two seasons so now viewers can seat and chill for another two seasons. However, fans have to wait for some time as it took almost 18 months to air the first series after the completion of filming. So probably fans have to wait till 2021 or even 2022 for season 2 to air in Netflix.

Casting and What to Expect From Season 2?

Season one had been presented with lot of mixed reviews from the viewers starting with being one of the best reality shows in the streaming platform however people were very concern about the real nature of the show as such shows can be scripted what few viewers believe.However, such criticism didn’t break the will and hope of the fans and probably that is something which push the creators and Netflix to bring up another two seasons for their loyal fans.

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However, as the date or release is still not finalized, fan shouldn’t expect much at this initial stage however casting has already began and this time the show is going to take place in Chicago so probably viewers will experience a new location and set. Creator Chris Coelen had also revealed how the applications are being chosen and how people can apply for the next season. So with all this information fans can actually hold their nerves and seat tight for some time till the first trailer is being released.