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Netflix The Last Thing He Wanted Movie: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Review

This movie is based on the political drama that might happen in every country and in every region. You will find that movie in British and American language because this movie is produced by Britain and America.

The movie is based on a book which is written by Joan Didion. The book has same name as the movie.

The movie was released in 27th of January in Sundance film festival and on 21st February in 2020 on Netflix. If you like to watch thriller type movies then you absolutely love that movie.

What’s the plot of the movie: the last thing he wanted?

The movie is about a journalist, every journalist wants to cover the political news to gain the views on that news because everyone knows that people love to watch the political news because it is about their country.

But in that movie, you will see that a journalist stops its coverage of the election or the election of the president in the year 1984 because she has to take care of her father who is not well and very close to death and between all this she also becomes an arms dealer and starts selling weapons.

The cast of the movie: the last thing he wanted!!

  • Anne Hathaway in the role of Elena McMahon
  • Ben Affleck in the role of Treat Morrison
  • Rosie Perez in the role of Alma Guerrero
  • Edi Gathegi in the role of Jones
  • Mel Rodriguez in the role of Barry Sedlow
  • Toby Jones in the role of Paul Schuster
  • Carlos Leal in the role of Bob Weir
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As the movie is already released in some regions so the cast is confirmed.

When the movie is released: the last thing he wanted?

If you want to watch that movie so I have to tell you that the movie is already released by its creators and also by the Netflix, so you can also easily watch it on your Netflix account.

The movie is released on 27th of January in a Film festival and on 21st of February on the Netflix.


Reviews of the movie!!

The movie gained different reviews from everyone; some people like the movie while some are not. So I have to say that the movie has equal reviews by people.

But after all, this, if you like to watch the political thriller movie then surely you are going to love that movie but if you are no so interested in politics then you don’t like too much about the movie.