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Netflix Returning with Good Girls Season 3: Release Date, Cast Details and Plot Points

This American Crime Comedy Drama was critically acclaimed. The first two seasons raised a lot of eyebrows. So Fans were expecting a third one.
Spectacular performances by a lead cast led to its fame.

Release Date of Good Girls Season 3 on Netflix

No fixed Release Date is finalized. The season, however, will launch itself on Netflix around December 2020.
Episodes are already available on other online platforms. A total of 16 constitute the season.

Positive reviews and high ratings have garnered the show. Critics are pleased with the portray of violence and comical errors.

It’s release on Netflix will bolster popularity even more and make it a worthy watch.

The cast of Good Girls Season 3

The actors from the previous two seasons will be cast again. Full details are available as mentioned below-

• Christina Hendricks as Elizabeth “Beth” Boland.
• Retta as Ruby Hill.
• Mae Whitman plays Annie Mars.
• Reno Wilson as Stanley Hill.
• Manny Montana as Christopher.
• Lidya Jewett portrays Sara Hill.
• Isaiah Stannard as Sadie Marks.
• Matthew Lillard as Dean Boland.

Plot Points of Good Girls Season 3

Criminal Activities and their consequences galore the first two seasons. Beth, Ruby, and Annie are criminal masterminds.

Characters involve themselves in regular daily jobes. So they did hide their notoriety.

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Ruby and Annie are fearful about continuing in this profession.
However, Beth convinces them to carry on.

Reported additions are there in the cast list. Rio’s return to Beth’s life adds a twist to the tale.

This season explores their relationship.
Beth’s truth about pregnancy is also revealed.

Followers of this show are in for a treat. Expectations of onlookers are sky-high.

I hope it turns out to be a blockbuster revenge tale. The trailer seems very promising, as well.