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Netflix plans to release Sherlock holmes 3 is this rumour or true?

Another mystery action is on the way and the fans of Sherlock Holmes can take a deep breath. The third part of this epic series is soon going to be on theatres. This movie received a lot of praise for the story and the jaw dropping action in it. And most importantly we will see Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law again.
Without more further due let’s get into this!

Release date
We are soon going to see the adventures of Detective Sherlock Holmes and his favourite companion Dr. John Watson. This epic threequel was delayed to 2021. Firstly, it was releasing on 25 December 2020. But now the creators have shifted the day to 22 December, 2021. This one year gap must have been caused by the lengthy tenure of Robert as Iron man in the Marvel Franchise. The scripts have been written and the work is under construction to give a solid product to the fans of Sherlock Holmes.

Plot of Sherlock Holmes 3                                    This movie will be set in the city of San Francisco. And it will obviously portray another set of adventure filled with mystery and action. We all know that despite the fact that there is only Sherlock’s name in the title, the storyline is more about his companionship with Doctor Watson. The codependency is a must-factor for this movie to become a hit. Apart from their spicy bromance we will see some heart-rushing twists which will enhance the storyline. The creator have been working very hard to reshape this movie since 2011. And they assure it be the better version of two prequels.

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Cast of Sherlock Holmes 3
Obviously we will see Robert Downey Jr. as Detective Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law as Dr. John Watson. We still don’t know about the returning status of Kelly Reilly as Mary, (Watson’s wife),Stephen Fry as Mycroft ( Sherlock’s Brother) and Eddie Marsan ad Inspector Lestrade. Moriarty’s (Jared Harris) return is also not confirmed. But the fans still hope him be the villain in the next part.

We don’t know where this movie will us to but yeah we are definitely going to enjoy and love Sherlock again. Get yourself ready folks!
Stay tuned!